Risk Factors and Safety in the Construction Industry

When it comes to the construction industry, there are few industries that can relate to the depth of responsibility, high budgets, overall management and risks that come with it.

Management of construction is not an easy task and it requires a great set of skills in order to maintain proper standards, comply to regulations and ensure the safety of the contractors, subcontractors and professionals on site.

Due to the big window for error and a daily risk of possible injuries working with big materials and structures, there must be laws and guidelines set in place regarding health and safety which must be complied to at all times. 

The Risks Involved with Construction

The entire concept of health and safety is vital in the management of construction and if not complied with, can cause a lot of damage and even result in death. There has been an estimate of roughly 25% of casualties involved due to accidents caused in the industrial construction industry.

Before being recruited for a job, one has to complete health and safety training or at least be wary of all the guidelines regarding health and safety before even being able to work on a site.

Although the industry and its line of work have resulted in many casualties, safety is considered an incredibly crucial part of the industry and is emphasized on a daily basis. Whenever an accident occurs on-site or someone gets is injured as a result of their work on site, companies and major enterprises are harmed financially as well. That is why health and safety are also taken very seriously.

Construction Safety Management

The majority of construction accidents take place during work hours and is mainly due to unorganized construction projects where the necessary planning and health and safety checks are disregarded and not set in place.

A construction project module needs to always be analyzed in order to meet safety requirements and comply with laws and regulations of the industry, as well as the state, at all times.

Implementation of Proper Safety Management

Whenever an incident occurs cause must be investigated and a big process with regards to regulations must be implemented accordingly.

Incidents are divided and referred to in four different categories which include the following:

  • Equipment on site is unsafe
  • People on site do not have the proper action guidelines, which may cause incidents to occur which could’ve been prevented.
  • The environment is unplanned and not structured correctly for safety purposes when it comes to people on site, as well as equipment and materials.

The management does not comply according to standards and influences the people on site, the equipment, and the environment in a negative manner.

These reasons conclude the objective as to why injuries may occur on site. Rules and regulations regarding health and safety are put in place to regard the safety and proper construction of an entire project.