Careers in Construction

Construction is a field that ranks quite high in the general job providing space and provides employment to people all over the world. Construction companies, in general, are managed on a project-to-project period basis. This means that a lot of jobs in construction aren’t full time, but in high demand and if you’re a good contractor, subcontractor or anyone in the general field, you’ll always be asked back to complete more work and might even be the first person that gets called by staffing firms or listed as the employee to call as soon as the next project becomes available.

Construction is thus a good industry to be apart of as there are always work or use for your skills somewhere. If you’re experienced enough in construction, you can even work as an individual contractor and make yourself known by construction companies as there are always work available at companies for more professionals to work on sites. The best way to go about getting work is by already being screened and evaluated by a company or staffing agency and be screened or listed on their systems.

5 Different Types of Careers in Construction

Construction Carpenter

There are many jobs available in the industry of construction, but one of the most popular, dating back centuries, is a construction carpenter. Pursuing a career as a construction carpenter provides a reliable source of work that is always constant, as there are many needed all over the world.

This career includes shaping, cutting and the installation of raw materials during the early construction phase. Although often referred to as woodworking, there is a lot more work surrounding the job scope of being a construction carpenter and the salary is quite good.


Looking at construction from a different part of the industry, plumbers are known to have very important job descriptions and are in an ever-increasing high demand as new homes get built each day. Construction plumbers are generally charged for installation, as well as reworking on systems that are used for the purposes of drinking water, draining and sewage.



A career as a mason includes being responsible for different blocks of construction that involve separate pieces which are glued together by different types of substances. A mason’s work scope includes marble, concrete, and bricks. Their salary is also quite decent and ranges from anything between $24 to $40 per hour.

Construction Electrician

Apart from a general electrician’s basic duties, the job scope involves wiring and circuitry construction in a building or house. These electricians are also in charge of remodelling electrical systems and structures that need lighting. Electricians are also in extremely high demand.


As a more common construction type job, a welder’s job description involves using machines referred to as welding power supplies in order to fuse two or more materials together. Being a welder can be a bit dangerous and requires the person to wear protective clothing and take preventative caution at all times.