How to Improve or Establish a Safety Management Model

If ever a construction plan or its site’s safety is compromised, necessary actions and changes need to be implemented to ensure the future safety of the people working on the relevant site, as well as the sustainability of the company that manages the site and construction thereof.

All companies should comply to industrial laws and follow the necessary procedures, in order to prevent accidents and reduce or eliminate the possibility of casualties on site.

The Legal Overview of Establish a Safety Management Model

The first goal involved with the implementation of a new safety management model includes proper integration resources, which corresponds to the purpose and requirements needed to reduce situations and settings that might lead to possible accidents.

What is the Principle of the Safety and Prevention Rule?

There are a general safety and preventative rule that needs to be complied with before starting daily work on a construction site. It involves both the fundamentals and regulations regarding safe production within any country. By law, these rules need to be adhered to and the results must show through an improved project safety management model, which is a process that needs to include and follow necessary procedure.

Combining Production and Safety Together

Safety needs to be implemented before production at all times and assessed on a regular basis by a project manager, which will allow for control over the production environment, process and methods. The combination of production and safety is also important to prevent any incidents from occurring due to lack of management.

Participation of All Parties Are Important

The one factor that often inflicts an opportunity for something to go wrong or lead to an injury and even damage to construction and materials, is people’s behaviour and attitude towards work. On many occasions, employees tend to take their work with a pinch of salt and do not recognize the necessary implications of their actions or lack of caution, which may result in a violation of health and safety regulations. Lacking self-protection awareness can also promote incidents to occur.

It is often thought that a safety manager needs to take charge and a lack of management is his/her fault, but a manager can only do so much. If employees do not wish to comply, any incidents or IOD’s could be the employee’s own fault.

How to Improve Construction Sites for Success

  • Update the management system –The goals if a safety manager should be to constantly have the objective in mind of not having any accidents take place on duty. The correct procedures and measures should thus be reviewed and implemented to ensure optimal safety.
  • Safety culture should be taught to staff and educational courses or programs regarding health and safety should be provided to cultivate the necessary safety culture. Every department should also have a manager set in place to provide employees with necessary information, updates and safety measures daily.
  • Implement Change
    • Shift the idea of simple to full participation of safety management.
    • Change safety management to integrated management, which will allow for progress while combining process and construction methods.
    • Change the intermittent management structure to continuous and a more dynamic type of management.
    • Shift the safety and production from different sources to one that involves production and safety.